3.5 hours Workshop Videos!
Meal guides, Diffuser Recipes, Mindfulness and Self-Care Prompts, Digital Detox Audio Tracks, Goal Setting Worksheet!
Fresh Start Workshop Replay
Aligned Wellness Presents
Workshop Details
1- Healthy Habits - Neeshea Ho-Shing
2- Healthy Meals - Patricia Tufts
3- Healthy Sleep - Susanna Jakeman
4- Healthy Mind - Janine Hesse
5- Healthy Movement - Brandt DeLuca
-5 x 40 Minute Recorded Sessions
-Printable 5 Day Fresh Start Workbook
-3 Day Meal Plan
-Supportive Facebook Community
-4 Smoothie Recipes 
-4 Sleep Blend Recipes
-3 Mindful Audio Tracks
-DIY Recipe Guide and Journal Prompts

What You Get
Meet Your Event Contributors 
Neeshea Ho-Shing
Certified Skincare Specialist, Creator Of Beauty Detoxed 

Susanna Jakeman
Autism Advocate, Cancer Survivor, Limefreckle Jewelry

Pat Tufts
Certified Health Coach
Yaser Al-Farwati
Wellness Advocate Community Support 

Angelica Davidoff
Cosmetic Formulator, Owner at Shop Alchemist Goods

Brandt DeLuca
NSCA CSCS, Pn L1, Pn L2 
Owner Of Lifestyle Wellness Club
What Some Of Our Participants Had To Say
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Fresh Start Workshop
Workshop Replays